As a customer of BBB, I would like to show off my latest build. 1965 BSA Lightning Rocket 650 in Clubman’s trim.

This machine was completed over a 6 month period, built from a true basketcase project that was long abandoned. Locating every tiny piece during the assembly was the hardest bit. All of the fasteners, and small parts were literally thrown into a large fishing tackle box from the previous owner. Spacers and washers, clips and pins…all rusted into a conglomeration near the bottom. After locating the parts and triaging their condition, the rebuild could continue.

From the crankcases onward every part was refurbished or replaced. Internally I added the best modern parts for performance and reliability. Billet connecting rods, billet SRM oil pump, Boyer Ignition, new Amal 930′s…along with all of the brilliant cosmetic add-ons…would ensure my BSA would last a while, and look good rolling down the roadway.

Luke Manion, Missouri, USA

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